different results with same settings, v2.0.5 vs. v2.3.2


can someone explain me why the same .gcode looks different in the latest repetier-host version?

I used Renkforce Repetier-Host v2.0.5 for my RF2000v2 Printer, and it worked fine. 
Now, i´ve installed the v2.3.2 and configurated it with exactly the same parameters.
At first, I thought that slic3r migth be causing the different, but when i load the same gcode into Repetier-Host, it still looks different and Layers are missing. 

Result with v2.0.5: https://ibb.co/Q9m3cDh
Result with v2.3.2: https://ibb.co/SwkJ2VV


  • Most likely different version of slic3r. Actually you should stop using it in favour of PrusaSlicer which is much better and in active development. It creates also better output with arachne mode enabled when it needs variable thickness for lines.
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