Slicer in repetier host

Slicing an STL is the only part of the workflow that is not web-based with repetier host.

Is there any way to slice an STL using the cura slicing engine on the repetier server computer? Similar to repetier host, but just using the web interface.

I know there are plugins for octoprint that let you use cura / slic3r in the browser so wondering if this is possible.


  • This is planned for the future. But we want this to be more then just a call with predefined settings more like you do with native local slicers with preview and individual parameters defineable and that is a bit hard to write.

    It will be based on PrusaSlicer which already allows direct upload to  Repetier-Server so no save to disk and import route is required already. But integrated slicer will be much easier of course.
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