Slicer incompatible to my 3D printer

Hi all,

I am using INKREDIBLE+ from cellink, and it recommended me to use Repetier-Host to do the slicing. The printer is a pneumatic 3D printer so I need to custimize the printing speed and pressure according to the rheology of my material. I use the silicer to slice a stl. part, but it always have G-code begin with "E", which means the extrusion. However I think the printer can't read this code, after I delete the code begin with "E" the G-code works. I think my printer only needs the code to turn on the nozzle, and movement command, the amount of extrusion is controlled by the air compresser externally connected and the printing speed. I am wonder is there any way to make the slicer not generate the "E" code?

Thanks for anyone could give me any help!
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