what firmware do I have

How can I find out what firmware I have in my Kossel Mini? If I select  Config Firmware it says Marlin, but all the fields are 0. ? How can I tell? Nothing on printer screen or Repetier tells me for sure. Does not look right and I see nothing to tell me what version it might be if it is in fact Marlin, and where is this mysterious configuration dot h file I read about?  I know the thing printed from the "factory" (China) before it shipped in Nov. (I've been to busy to get to it before now and "China" is not any help, so I'm not keen on starting from scratch (reloading firmware) until I get a better handle on all this.  Some one needs to put out a good book on all this stuff.  I get, even from Repetier here, load it and try a print, yea, not so easy, when I firat loaded this and tried different configurations in printer config, I got -185 in X and Ys -180 in Z on my manual pane, nothing worked until I set up at 0 and so forth.  Any help is appreciated.


  • P.S.  It says "KOSSEL MINI READY " On the bottom of the printers display. The display begins wiht top; temp next; X Y Z next; a funny sybol , a %100 SD_____% 0--:__ and then the ready blurb.
  • Open log and send M115 to printer. It shoudl respond with a firmware identification string. 
  • Hey - how about that !   Thanks !

    I suppose there is no way to find out what settings were in that once loaded.  ?  I'm thinking not since I just read (somewhere) that I can't.  That would be to easy I guess.  Now I am thinking if that is true and if I do have to start from scratch, maybe I should go with the Repetier Firmware too?  Newbees, don't ya just love me ?  What do you think I should do ?  I'll download it and look.  I just load that with Arduino IDE ? or does Repetier do that for me ?
    Thanks for the reply, That really helped.
  • It sure would be nice to know the current firmware settings in there, especially as I read more, because things like the thermister type etc etc - I do not know, my printer came mostly assembled (%95) when I got it.
  • If the printer used Marlin or Repetier they must publish the sources with all changes they made. It is gnu licensed. None the less these information are often hard to find or even are not published.
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