Temperature Chart shows PWM instead of percent


I think in the latest Version 1.4.14 the Temperatur Graph shows the PWM Power instead of Percent of the Power for the Extruder.
the Bed Temperature looks ok.


  • For which firmware/ connection method do you get this?

    Why do you think this? Not aware of any changes and testing Klipper and Marlin visualization they look ok. But some combinations have special solution or a firmware setting might be wrong so there might exist a combo with an error. E.g. Marlin outputs power 0-127 and we multiply it to scale. If you have marlin on firmware that does not reduce range you get 0-200% instead. Knowing the combo I will have a closer look at it.
  • It is Klipper, when it heats up it say´s 255% and when its hold it say´s switching around 139%
    Is there a way to upload a screenshoot?

  • No screenshot upload, sorry. Only with external services like imgur.com or from your cloud drive if you make the file public.

    Klipper is new - it did not have output at all before only since we added api connection. Will check again my klipper to see if I oversaw something. I assume you connected using our klipper solution with klipper firmware selected.
  • edited December 2023
    I assume you connected using our klipper solution with klipper firmware selected.
    yes correct.
    when I can help with aditional data or Logs please let me know
  • Thanks. I looked at the graph and there it was clipped at 100% so not visible. Could see where it got scaled wrong. Fixed in dev version and will be in next official release.
  • many thx, do you have a date for the next release?
  • No, but if you have a recent image you can run on ssh linux console (not from server terminal in this case)
    to get it already.
  • many thx, looks good now.
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