Install Repetier-Sever for Raspberry Pi

Hello, I'm new and have looked for a past thread with the information I was looking for.  I want to use Repetier-Server on my PI4B to control my two Creality Enders - overall seems simple enough.  After viewing the videos on the website, I am confused how to install Repetier-Server for the PI to use.  I saw the v1.4.14 PI download, but is that just the server app or does it contain the OS and the server app?  The instructions also read to download the PI OS imager utility, but if the Repetier-Server image has an OS within it, why is the PI OS imager needed?  I guess I need to be briefly walked through some basics before the install video picks up.



  • The image is OS with app and preconfigured webcam detection etc. You need to install it on a sd card which is where you need the os imager utility to write the image to sd card. Then insert it into pi and start and follow instructions on download page .
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