Access from an other computer


  My know how on the network are limited.
  I 'have installed Repeter-Server on an desktop computer with Windows 10.  My printer is connected on this computer.

  This computer is connected to my local network.
  I try to access to repetier server with an other computer also connected on my local network but without success.

  I think I need some complementary configuration on my Windows 10 computer (with Repetier-Server) but I do not know what.

Somebody can help me?



  • You need just to enter the other servers ip address from your local network + port 3344 which is something like

    in contrast to local calling with

    localhost:3344 or 

    If you have a firewall activated you might need to open port 3344.

  • Thanks,

     The problem was the FireWall configuration.  Now it works fine.

    Thanks again for your help.

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