Direct Print - Can't upload gcode into iframe

edited November 2023 in Repetier-Server
I have a strange issue after updating to 1.4.13.

I use a basic html file to load 6 printers up in 6 iframes, so they're all visible in 1 browser window.

This is turned on to allow iframes -
<!-- To prevent clickjacking we should disallow embedding in iframes -->

Since updating to 1.4.13 though, when i drag a .gcode file to any printer's Direct Print button in an iframe, the progress just sits at 100%, but the .gcode file isn't added to the queue. If I refresh the page, the file disappears.

If I do this when not using the iframes and just load the server up in a normal browser window, it works fine.

The log doesn't seem to have anything in it relating to this issue either, from what I can see.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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