Repetier Host freeze after GCode-Transfer to Server

I am Running Repetier-Server 0.60.4 on Raspberry PI2 . File-Tansfer via Webbrowser and printing is working fine.
The Repetier Host 1.5.6 is also running fine with slicing (current stable slic3r) on Debian Jessie. Saving the Gcode to Disk is also working fine.
The Connection between Server and Host seems to work also ... till i try to transfer Files ...

When I Transfer a File for direkt printing or to save on the Repetier Server, the Transfer is done correct (The Transfered Data is available over the Webbrowser), but after the last message in the log (File Receive Confirmation) the Repetier Host freezes totaly ... I cannot use any Button, etc. ... Everything is disabled !!!


  • I see. The old mono forms bug not reenabling disabled elements after ShowDialog. Have now uploaded the fixed version using Show instead for linux version.
  • Thanks ... Its working now

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