Update gcode while printing

Would love the ability to update a print mid-print! Who hasn't started a print and then realized they used too much or too little infill?.  Currently we are having to stop and start over when often it would be sufficient to run updated gcode from the next layer onwards. What do you think?


  • I think this is too complicated and unlikely to work. Would be a complete expert feature that most users would fail cause they are unaware of all the parameters that must match exactly and if the changing layer will be unnoticeable I'd doubt. In the time you pause and switch nozzle will ooze, next layer might have other starting points, infill not match good at first, slight shift of object (especially with multiple objects). So when you do all right you will likely see the changing layer at least where it started with too little extrusion.
  • Yeah I thought it wouldn't be easy and I hadn't thought of multiple objects printing. I was actually thinking the update should be done on the fly without parking/pausing during a layer change. An implementation could perform some checks before even offering the option to update a running print, like:
    • file name of running print = filename of new (updated) gcode file
    • number of objects is 1 on both files,
    • number of layers is identical in both files,
    • max-Z is the same in both files
    Finally we could have a warning popup when someone does click the 'update running print' button :)
    But I get it, it might not be possible to reliably pick up a layer change, specially when lift-z is enabled and/or a purge tower is used and potentially a ton of other things that could affect it. But thanks anyway for commenting this morning. 
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