Controlling Native Klipper Printers

Hi, I am looking at picking up some of the newer printers that run klipper natively, such as the Creality K1 or K1 max. Is this a problem for repetier-server to control a printer that has klipper natively installed? I already am using it to control a few Vorons but the version of klipper on those is the integrated into repetier-server. The newer klipper printers have klipper already running on them and repetier-server would be running on a separate computer.


  • Yes that is an issue. Our klipper integration needs a connection to klipper serial pipe and starting with next release also to the klipper api socket. This means the server should run on the same device where klipper is running.

    A connection to mainsail which is most likely running on the creality if it uses klipper is currently not possible.
  • I see so is this likely something that can never happen unless klipper and repetier are running on the same computer?
  • At least for a while. If we would use mainsail for printing we have to strip a lot of functions and need a different logic. This is planned at a later stage to handle simple hosts as well for printers having no other direct access.
  • It looks like Creality has made the K1 series open source and gives you root access to the operating system. I will see if I can install the arm32 version of repetier-server directly on the printer and just use the original klipper config files.
  • Great. Be aware that they use different users causing access problems. You can however change the user for server in /lib/systemd/system/RepetierServer.service to the one klipper uses. After running 
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    it should run as that use on next restart.
  • null
    @vanfidel did this ever go anywhere? Any luck with the k1's?
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