deactivating printer causes persistent webcam misconfiguration

hi there,

I have several Prusas connected to RS running on a Raspberry Pi 3, and generic USB webcams for each printer. 

I had one printer acting up this week, so i deactivated it in RS

I then noticed that the webcams for the remaining printers became unstable, sometimes not displaying the correct printer, displaying in the wrong orientation, or not displaying at all.  Restarting the webcam server solves the problem for a little while, but eventually reverts to displaying incorrectly.  It feels like the camera index becomes misnumbered somehow. 

This is only a minor inconvenience, and when reactivating the one malfunctioning printer the webcams then seemed to display correctly. 


  • Activating/deactivating webcams has no influence on webcams. They stay active and you can still see them.
    The bigger question is what is the rule to assign them if they are on same pi - are you using by path in /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/conf like this:


    There is a folder webcam_ports that maps used port names to ports and that is what you should see. 
    On the other side these are just links to video devices and if you disable the webcams physically by disabling hub linux might renumber them maybe.

    No real idea as I never had this complain or seen it. But if they swap it would mean they get a different stream. And when you say restarting fixes it, it means restarting with current link is correct.

    So can you tell if you physically deactivate webcams when it happens?
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