Repetier Server gets disconnected

Repetier Server gets disconnected when I give homing commands or operate the stepper motors. 
I am using Repetier Dev 2.0 with BTT Octopus Pro STM32F446 Chip. Repetier Server Version 1.4.13. I verified baud rates and seemed to be correctly set. The heating and print cooling fan commands work fine, I am only having issue with running motors.


  • The connection is managed by firmware and when board resets due to an error it will cause a disconnect. Because it happens when using the motors I guess that this is what is happening. So it is more a firmware issue in that case.

    You should check the motor field definitions in configuration.h and motor count. If count is higher then defined motor driver this would use illegal pointers. Also try starting with the simple drivers in case you use TMC drivers. Just to rule out that they are causing it due to wrong settings. The work still in default settings so maybe wrong microsteps but it is just to test if it stops crashing so you know which setting is causing it.
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