Linux Repetier-Server with Klipper

I want to setup a single dedicated NUC i7 /Linux Repetier-Server with Klipper to control 10 printers. Don't want a bunch of Pi's.

Is this doable and practical?

If so. Any advice on the install and setup?


  • From softwareside this is doable.  Repetier-Server supports multiple klipper installations in parallel, just use server to install them. But I have never tested this amount of klipper printers on a i7 so I can not say if it works speed wise, but I guess it should work.

    Most challenging is normally the amount of usb connections and emf, but others have simliar amount of printers running from a pc so it is possible. Just note that if you have also webcams on it bandwidth (on usb) can get a factor, so best connect them to a different independent usb line then printers so there is no interference.
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