Where do I find the LOGs?

I am using Repetier server with prusa slicer, it works well 95% of the time.

When it goes weird, and it does, I have no idea what it is doing as the screen logs have long since scrolled off.

Where can I find a log of Repetier/printer communications so I can try to see what it is doing "wrong"?

Recently, several printers have started giving me weird errors when starting prints, it doesn't even get to the G28 which is the first line in the startup script... so Repetier is sending something "Extra" that I am not seeing.
Of course, if I stand by it as it warms up, it runs fine.  If I start a print remotely, I stand a 20% of it failing immediately ...


  • In printer menu->Logs you can enable logging and at same place you can download the logs. By default logging is disabled.
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