Backup via Repetier-Server Monitor fails due to database/user.sql

hi there

trying to make a backup of my functioning server running on a pi, via Repetier-Server Monitor on my windows pc, and i can't get around an error. 

after making my selections in step 2, even if i clear all the options except for "Settings, Users, Reports, History", the backup fails.
the next page says the failed files are "database/user.sql"

going back to the "Create Backup" page, I notice there's now a listing in "Old Backups", but when i click the folder to open the file location, windows complains that it "cannot find C:\Users....\Backup/beep" (beep is the name of the backup selected on the first page)
That's an obvious problem with the slash / backslash file folder convention between linux and windows

do you have any further insight as to why i cannot make a backup, and what i could do to work around this? 


  • I could see the show folder issue. Will fix that for future version.

    Backup of config worked on my test, but windows is sometimes problematic when a function is reading database (also blocked) it can prevent reading the file for backup so it fails here. You can try to recreate a backup just with config. For next release I have rewritten the database backup to use a copy function from the database hoping that this official sqlite solution works more reliable then blocking access.
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