Printer prusa mk3s with mmu2 asks to select filament every time after firmware update

since the 3.0 firmware update to the mmu2, which was neccessary for it to work with prusa mk3s firmware 3.13.1 the printer ask to select the filament every time before it starts to print. Which is very annoying.
On older firmware the mmu2 automaticly selected the filament it had assigned in the slicer and started to print when repetierserver send a file.The files seam to be generated ok as repetierserver stil shows the correct filament colors in the 3d preview. So i assume the mmu2 does not get the right command from repetierserver.
Where can i configure it to have the mmu2 automaticly select the filament as it was before? Or how to debug this?


  • Check the generated gcode. You likely have a line
    in the generated gcode which is causing this. It does not come from server, it comes from PrusaSlicer which adds this depending on selected profile.

    See also
    on how for example replace Tx in server with something else, here a dialog in server instead on seeing it on prusa display so you can select where you start it.
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