Printing does not resume

After updating to version 1.4.13 I cannot resume printing after pausing.
I have my printers with a filament sensor connected to the GPIO of an RPi. This sends a pause and filament change command.
This works, but after changing the filament, I press the resume button and nothing happens.
The pause command and the sensors have been working for a long time, the problem started after updating to the latest version


  • the gcode that runs is
    @if {{job.running}}
    @info Sin Filamento MagnaSE5
    @pushmessage Sin Filamento MagnaSE5
  • anyone else with this problem?
    It has happened to me in 2 different instances (different RPi and printers)
  • Sorry for the delay. Now I had time to check it in detail.

    Problem is a bug on our side that was introduced when we tried to prevent pause during pause. That made it impossible to continue when you are in cooled down state. So in that version you must comment out @pauseExtruderCooldown with two ;; until you update to 1.4.14.

    Since you use a pi you can also run

    if it is a newer image to install dev version where it was fixed already.
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