Tell me please, do you have some manual for installation and connection Repetier-Server to CB1 OS?
I flashed clear CB1 OS image to sd card, made installation Repetier via Putty, but Repetier GUI don't load on the display.
Thank you.


  • The gui is just a browser running in kiosk mode. I don't know that os so can not say details on how to make it start that interface. In our image we start it in autostart of lxde desktop like this:
    chromium-browser --app-auto-launched --disable-pinch --noerrdialogs --disable-suggestions-service --disable-translate --disable-save-password-bubble --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --touch-events=disabled --disable-gesture-typing --kiosk --app= &
    If they already have a browser for mainsail or so included you can just change the url there.
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