Remove width limitation in desktop WebUI


Currently the desktop WebUI seems limited to a max width of 1670 pixels that fit pretty well for standard monitors with 1920px width (even if we still lose 250px) but it does not take advantage of monitors with higher resolutions.

After digging into the page, I saw that removing some max-width definitions on some elements from the combined.css file, the UI can use the whole width:
  • on the #page-wrapper class (max-width: 1700px)
  • on the #page-wrapper.left class (max-width: 1700px)
  • on the .center-page class (max-width: 1200px)
  • on the .limit-width-include-left class (max-width: 1550px for the navbar)
There is also on line 242 of index.php the attribute ng-style who need to be changed to always return 100vw instead of 1700px.

When removing those limits, I can get a more comforable view of the UI on a 4K (3840x2160px) monitor like:
  • full width controls page (including wider 3D view and temp graphs)
  • bigger thumbnails in the prints, archives and projects views
  • more spaced lists (print queue, project files list, ...)
Is there a reason to keep a constrained view on the desktop WebUI ?
Would it be possible to have a refreshed CSS enabled for such resolutions or at least an option to enable/disable the width limitation in some settings page?

The display connected to the server raspberry-pi is not affected at all by those changes.

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  • Thanks. Have added a switch on dashboard theme selection dropdown. Gets stored per browser.
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