i think this is a communication pb between repetier and slic3r

i have a classic prusa with two extruders. win10
for a few months i only did single extruder prints
now i need some supports for a print ... but i can't obtain the right slicing
the print preview is extruder #1 only
i tried to redo the configuration print ... no change
i tried to update repetier and slic3r
... with slic3r 1.2.9 i have no change
... with slic3r 1.3.0 the slicing is very long and the result is lost

working directly in slic3r i can see a print preview with the right filament at the right place

but the exchanges repetier - slic3r - repetier don't work
where are the exchange paremeters ? how are they set ?

any idea ?


  • Make sure you have defined 2 extruders in host printer configuration. Then in object placement select extruder 2 on the right side for slicing. If print profile also has 2 extruders it will use second extruder then.

    PS: Consider using PrusaSlicer insted of old Slic3r. Faster and many new features giving better results.
  • thanks , PrusaSlicer works fine
    PrusaSlicer can't understand recent parameter files from slic3r (2018 ones are ok, but not 2023 ones), but it is minor to rewrite them

    in fact, a part of the new features are not for me as my printer is a Marlin legacy

    is it possible to tune the width of the climbing support when i have a "hole in a wall" ?
  • > is it possible to tune the width of the climbing support when i have a "hole in a wall" ?
    Don't really know what you mean. But if you slice inside PrusaSlicer you can paint where support is wanted or unwanted which solves normally all support issues even in complex models.
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