Webcam Bug

Version 0.60.4
When you open printer and display Webcam (Video) once, client keep downloading Video in background no meter is this tab visible or not.
Connection with webcam is closed only when you go to home of Repeater Server. 
Video still downloaded even if you click on Disable in Webcam tab.


  • With which browser does this happen and how can I see it is still loading in background. Chrome for example shows finished also it is loading in background.
  • Chrome on Linux Ubuntu
    Wireshark shows that transfer is from webcam (port 8080)
  • Ok, found a way to test it also on mac. Seems like the old dom is still cached somewhere so it keeps doing it's stuff. For next release I replace it on exit with a empty png file. That way it stops reading the mjpg directly. Will be fixed in 0.65.
  • As a temp. solution select single image and leave to stop the stream. That worked.
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