Good day ,

I have set up everything according to the instructions.
As a basic info I have a Bigtreetech Octopus 1.1 but it always comes the printer is not ready or the MCU does not fit.
I suspect it is the MCU settings but I don't know how to get the electronic id. I have already tried via Putty but so far without success.
I am a bit desperate.


  • Did you install the mini klipper firmware to the octopos? You need to download it after compiling and put it on sd card on octopus and restart octopos to install it. It must match exactly the installed version or it might not connect. Then you see in serial connection the name to use for serial name.
  • I have done I have created the microcontroller according to instructions and the mini firmware um called on FIRMWARE undyauf the board pulled. The board also gets a connection to the repetierserver is displayed as green. Only tells me repetierserver the printer is not ready and off and the mcu . Therefore I suspect that it is because of the klipper config in the mcu .
  • >  The board also gets a connection to the repetierserver 
    We do not connect to the board - if you use mcu serial in server it will fail. Use klipper port in seral setting of printer and mcu serial in klipper config so klipper connects to mcu and server to klipper.
  • And how do I get the mcu serial for the clipper configuration out ? via putty I had no success yet
  • You see it in server connection settings if you open the serial port dropdown. Also you should not use it in server you see available names. If you only have one klipper select the /dev/serial/by-id/... name for klipper mcu serial.
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