Can't see 'Apply' Button in printer settings.

I have ordered a new printer. In searching info for configuring Repetier Host for this new printer, I have discovered I cannot add a printer. On 2 Win 7 pc's, the printer settings page is to large and I cannot access the 'OK,Apply, or Cancel' buttons. On my Win 10 machine, the printer settings window is smaller and I can see the buttons. How do I fix this? I will connect my new printer to one of the win7 pc's.


  • Does the form window not fit into the screen? I mean it is not that large.On windows you could try moving it with Alt+Space then M and then use cursor. On W10/W11 it seems not to work that way any more, but I have no W7 to test now.

    Also not that increasing dpi settings will increase required form size.

  • Alt+space doesn't help. Guess it's time to upgrade the shop computer...

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