Please add "Pause on layer"

I know this has been requested before, but this "Pause on Layer" would be very helpful to those of us who would like to print multiple colors with one extruder. It would be nice also, if pause could be queued for several different layers, or if one could queue the pause during the print. 

Thank you!


  • For such special things we have the gcode editor. At the bottom in visualization settings you can set a layer and hit button to go to a layer directly. At that position simply add
    @pause comment
    and the print will pause there.
  • Not sure if slicer like CuraEngine support this, but if it is possible to add some custom command, like @pause, after each layer would be great feature.
    It would be special useful to play with some wiping technics and anti oozing for dual extruders.
  • This needs to be inside the slicer so we have no influence on this. CuraEngine does not support it for each layer while Slic3r does.
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