Server Lags and freezes printer screen

Im running a custom version of marlin on a skr 1.4 and whenever the server is connected to the printer, the screen is unresponsive at regular intervals. like every few seconds, the screen becomes unresponsive and the navigation and button presses are sometimes buffered but sometimes not. sometimes it also just completely freezes the printer controller, making it impossible to monitor and control


  • update: this happens when I have 2 instances of the server running on the same network on 2 different computers.
  • What do you mean with screen? Browser (which) on which os and which interface (touch gui, regular gui).
    Can you see that the browser is taking a lot of cpu or memory or could it be that browser puts the tab in sleep mode to save cpu/memory? Apart from reconnecting when tabs were put in sleep mode I haven't experienced this so far.
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