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I have three identical printers, now they have Marlin 2.0 flashed from one file, and Repetier from one image file. On the printer that we assembled first, the M600 command is processed by Marlin, and the Repeater simply displays a notification, and on the other two printers, for some reason, the M600 processes the Repetier and goes to the filament replacement menu that is on the screen. In both versions, when stopping due to Filament runout, the head is fixed for 1 minute, and I added M0 S100000 to the Repetier as a reaction to this event, and in the printer where the signal is processed by Marlin it worked, but where the Repetier did not. How should I fix this problem? How I can to make M600 processing only in Marlin?
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  • > How I can to make M600 processing only in Marlin?
    We do not process M600. I'm not sure if you use this as synonym for out of filament. Out out of filament handling does not use M600 and when it is triggered internally by marlin it also just does something like M600.

    Question is does marlin trigger a out of filament action or does it only notify server and server sends M600 instead of executing it's own change filament routine.

    Also M600 is an interactive function handled inside marlin and it will block host so no commands send (M0) should work here. If they are compiled with host support you might see the same questions they show on printer menu inside server (depending on M412 settings). But for a complete answer you must provide the communication where it happens and tell what you expected here and what happened so we see it in action without guessing which of the many combinations existing is making it fail your expectation shere.
  • Abstracting from the M600, maybe you can tell me where and what to write so that during the pause after the out of filament message, the printer head is fixed until the continue button is pressed (regardless of how much time has passed)?
  • All we do is run the pause script in server configuration and then no moves until done in manual control or if defined on responses to firmware messages if defined by you. Make sure marlin has no park position for inactivity defined which might cause moves. If you check console with commands enabled you should easily see what gets send from our side to decide which moves come from us.
  • One more question, on one of the printers I forgot to deactivate the license before reflashing firmware and license key was banned, the support ( stopped responding to my emails (maybe I got into spam), how can I solve the issue of restoring it?
  • is not a working email, so no wonder you get no response. Please use
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