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Hello ,I'm using repetier server for 3d printing and very happy with the product.
Since 2 years i also have a cnc machine (MPCNC)  and I would like to use repetier server to keep track of the different files. 
These are the files I use:
1) dxf file
2) estlcam file ( .e10 )
3) gcode file ( .gcode )

As repetier server is not able to render the gcode file ( would be nice to see the cutting lines as preview) I take a screenshot of the toolpaths and save it as jpeg.

All these files are stored in a folder.To make life easy,I zip them in a zip container which I then upload in a project in repetier server.
What happens is :  repetier servers tries to render the gcode files . -> but this results in a ? thumbnail
When i try to set the preview to the image it does not work .

Is there a way to specify the order in what to take as thumbnail image?
1) image (jpeg)
2) 3d model
3) gcode render.


  • I'm running version 1.4.10 as test  on a windows pc for this .
  • It's a bug you could say that some thumbnail selection can get replaced. Already fixed for next release.

    The ? is normally an intermediate file until rendering is finished. If it is not fdm code it might not show anything on the image, but in 3d preview you could enable tool path as well to see moves. Anyhow, maybe you can send me a sample file so I can see if something goes more wrong then expected with it so rendering never gets replaced.
  • The ? gets replaced with empty .That is correct .As the gcode is not fdm the thumbnail is empty. As I have plenty of gcode for cnc ,it becomes difficult based on the filename to find the right cnc file. If I need to open the 3d file ,to preview it ,there is no gain for me.The thumbnail makes is very easy to select the correct file.
    Is it a lot of work to generate a preview for non fdm g-code? I think other CNC users will be intrested as well.
    I can send you a file as example but I do not see a link option here.
    Another option is that we have kind of setting as what to use as priority for the thumbnails.Then we can use an image as first priority for the thumbnails.

  • Actually for next release there is a rule.
    If you have a preview.png or preview.jpg image that will become preview automatically.

    So if you start already with this it gets easier allso it will not adjust afterwards.

    CNC rendering is not likely to happen due to it's complicated nature and lots of gcode variants. Which are travel moves and which are milling? What diameter are you milling with which z depth. What shape does it use for milling? At which z does the object start, how big is the block. So it will either be ugly or more or less possible to do it right within sensible time limits. 
  • Hello,Any idea when this release will be available ?

  • Not exactly, but feateres are complete. We are currently testing it, so expect it soon.
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