connectivity with raspberry pi gpio pins

Hello I've been trying for days to get my controller board to connect with host via raspberry pi gpio pin header. Do you know of any repetier specific things that need to be done for this? I always get the error no understandable response and I'm trying to use the AMA0 port.


  • in show boot messages it says uart-plo11 no DMA platform data.
  • If I choose AMA0 S0 serial0 or serial 1 the server connections go red yellow red yellow. I feel like Im close.
  • I read that I needed to run command sudo systemctl stop after each power cycle.
  • AMA0 should be correct. Make sure serial is enabled on pi and not used for console 0, but should not in our image.

    Also make sure wiring is correct RX to TX and vice versa!

    red/yellow means port is seen and it tries to connect. Means nothing about wiring/linux config correct. If it is correct the only errors left might be wrong baud rate, wrong firmware or printer not listening on the serial as expected. Also connect a gnd line from pi to printer so both use same potential. I think that is important bit electronics is not my field.
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    I cant believe it's not connecting. Can you explain why it says no bites received?
  • Not really since this depends on what you did. But read this answer
    maybe it connected to your issue. Seems serial handling has changed over time a bit with increasing features.

    You migt also try disabling printer and in linux console see communication e.g. with minicom to see if there is communication you expect or garbage. Ob board reset you should always see "start" appearing.
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