Send to print from Project to another server

Is it possible that in future updates they will add the possibility of sending to print from "Projects" to printers that are not physically connected to that server, but to another instance?
I currently have 3 RPis with 12 connected printers, if I use Projects and I want to send something to print on 2 printers that are connected to different servers I must: enter the IP, go to Projects, select the server, search for the file, send it to a printer and repeat all this by entering another IP, if I have to print the same thing on 3 printers that are on 3 different servers, it is a cumbersome workflow, if I could send to others from the same instance, it would be much faster. I hope you take it into account


  • This requires a top level server that gathers all data from lower servers. This is a major change and will be addressed in next major update.
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