Slicing with the wrong layer height


I'm assuming this is an RH issue and not Cura.  When I select my settings and slice, the software is reverting to a different layer height than what I selected. On 3 different prints now, I have sliced the part with a .21 layer height selected but once printing, it is printing at .42 layer height.

any thoughts on why this is happening?




  • Layer height is determined by quality setting. I assume you have several and one of them is 0.42? Until now I always got the height I wanted, so it is not clear if it a bug or wrong usage. You also need to select the right quality in the right panel. It does not count what you have selected in the config panel.
  • Thanks for your reply. 

    When this was happening, I had the quality setting set at .21 and it was printing at .42.  yes, I do have other quality settings and one was .42 but it was not set at that.

    I'm now checking the code before printing to  make sure it's correct.  I'm not sure what was happening here.
  • I am having the same problem and I've figured out how to repeat it. This happens when the default layer height is not the same as the layer height selected in the drop down box, then you switch print configurations. 

    For example, I have a Z-hop and a non Z-hop print config both with default heights of 0.2mm. 

    If I select Z-hop, then select 0.1mm under quality, it slices at 0.1mm, but if I then select non Z-hop but DO NOT TOUCH the quality, which is still displaying 0.1mm, it will slice at 0.2mm unless a re-select 0.1mm from the dropdown. 

    This bug has bit me multiple times and its really annoying, please fix!
  • ARe you using 1.0.6? There was a bug in previous versions that caused a differen quality to get used then the one showed. Sonds a bit like this.
  • Oh my, I'm on 1.0.5. I haven't seen the software ask me to update, maybe I need to manually do this?

    Yup -- there it is! As always, you're awesome! thank you!
  • Actually I am *still* having this problem on 1.0.6

    I think it happens less often than it did on 1.0.5, but it is definately still there. 
  • This is *STILL* a bug and it keeps biting me! so many wasted prints :(

    Can we please fix this? 

    I can show this repeatedly by changing a filament parameter and reslicing without touching the settings, it will always revert to the default layer height and NOT the selected layer height. If you want I can record a video of this in action. 
  • Show me the steps for 1.6 how to create the error and I replay and if I get the error I fix it. I will not fix any older versions. Maybe make some screenshots as they often contain infos you forget to mention.
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