Good morning all

Im bought a Hobbyking Printrite 3d DIY printer which came with its own version of Repeitier I upgraded through the donation route to 1.5.4 then 1.5.5 for some strange reason yesterday both versions lost comms with printer although it said connected no movement could be achieved or temperature readings changed.

I deleted all versions and went back to basics still no communications tried another laptop that worked fine.

Any ideas as a colleague has had a similar issue


  • First you need to find out how to get it working again. So first try unplugging/unpowering and reconnect. this resets serial->usb stack which sometimes breaks due to electric noise or whatever. Also check baud rate if it has been changed in printer settings.
  • yes completed the normal checks no problem with ports and baud rate I wonder if there is a updated driver that would work better
  • Depends on the driver you use. Most use native windows driver and just tell windows to use it, so that would not help. Only ftdi has it's own drivers.

    What do you see with all log options enabled. At least when pressing reset you should see some output from printer when connected.
  • Well it seems to me that everytime windows does an update it loses where the drivers are or something,,, as reloading 095f then restores it till update
  • Never had a lost driver after windows updates.

    In Program files/repetier print rite (or similar) should be a driver folder with driver to reinstall.
  • Hi, The server on the new version can hang onto your USB port if you exit Repetier Host without turning the server off first. Neither version will work until access to your USB serial port is restored. 

    Suugest your relaunch the new version of Repetier Host, turn the server off (turn on first if already off), then exit.

    Launch your early version of Host Repetier and confirm you can communicate with the printer. 

    Once you have confirmed that exit and relaunch the new version but do not activate the server. Set up as per old version.

    Hope it sorts out your problem. Cheers, Dirk@Warragul

  • Or print using the server, which is why we bundle the 2 programs and wrote a server connector in the host. Then both work always.
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