My 3D printer made an unexpected move...

Repetier-Host V2.3.1
Marlin-1.1.0-RC5 (as firmware) 

After connecting Repetier host with the printer, I set a printer head to home position using a home button. And then, even though I didn't make any commands, the printer head moved down and crashed into a depositon area. However, the printer's log showed that [G90 G1 Z0;] command were recorded. I am really upset.
Has anyone experienced such a case? And what do you think are the possible causes?

I'd like to ask some of you for your help.


  • What does host send (see log in host)?
    Only G28 I assume when you hit home.
    Having G90 and G1 in one line is not allowed. G1 Z0 would move to bottom but not crash at least if z length is correct. Is this maybe set as home position in host? Not sure but it might move to the set home position in printer settings especially if you see the hcode in log send to printer.
  • Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, I confirmed that G28 is the command for setting a printer head to home position. But the screen of Reperier-Host has "home button", maybe a shortcut of entering G28, and I always use this button to do that. The home position is set as [X0, Y0, Z740] in printer setting.
    As for "Having G90 and G1 in one line", you are right, it was actually recorded in multiple lines. I'd like show the printer log of that time, but I can't...
    In my printer, although the bottom on the configuration is Z0, actual bottom is about Z200 because there are jigs and other components to fix the substrate. 

    I hadn't had such a situation before, so I have no idea why at all. 
    I would appreciate it if someone could give me some advice, even if it is only a possibe reason.
  • Checking the sources I see that hitting home button just sends G28, no extra commands planned.

    Are you directly connected or via  Repetier-Server? In the latter case you might have replacements in server to ensure home position and then you must define home position in server configuration as well as it does not know any settings in host.
  • Thank you
    I prorbably connent the printer with PC directly. I don't know much about Repetier-Server, if "Stop Local Server" is selectable in "Server tab" on Repetier-Host's screen, does this mean that I am using Repetier-Server(or Local Server?)?

    On the other hand, checking the printer setting I saw that the Parking Position is set as [X0, Y0, Z0]. Is there any possibility that the printer move to the parking position after it is set to the home position? 
  • You see it in connection. You have either Serial Connection selected for direct control or "Repetier-Server" then you are printing over the server and must change home position there.
  • Right.
    I have Serial Connection.
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