Monitored Folders?

Ok, I read the other posts about using Monitored Folders, and am still not sure how they work.  
What I -Want- is to have a shared folder on the Server's computer that I can put things into remotely and have them -automatically- be moved/copied into the List of files to be printed (underneath the "Upload G-Code" header) as if I had manually selected the file and imported it.

I understand I will need a separate folder for each printer.

I don't want things to start printing automatically as I may need to clear the build plate, prep the build plate, change filaments, or a list of other things that may be needed to be done before hitting the PRINT button.


  • The server it self has no such function, but you can upload print files in queue without starting a print.

    If you install  Repetier-Server Monitor on your pc where you create the gcodes, it can create such a directory structure for you. That was the orinignal purpose of this software! Each printer automatically generates folders for print, queue and models with all of the groups. Anything you copy there will be copied to the server and then removed in the monitor folder. You run monitor on the pc you are working with so no syncing filesystem is required here.

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