Timelapse i3MK3+ Repertier Server 1.4.10

Hello! I have a problem with timelapse capturing. I would like to get rid of the command ;@make_snapshot. With Prusa Slicer I can inject G-code for at the end of the layer.
Currently it looks like this for me:
G1 X10.0 Y100.0 F10800
G4 P50
G4 P500
In the Repertier server everything is set for a timelapse shot. So for example Save Pictures only on ;@make_snapshot etc. But unfortunately it does not work. Either I have a result on the result video as if I "only" activated the function All 1 Layer, or the movies are much too short?

Does anyone here have a tip for me? Thank you very much!

kind regards



  • Just tested with adding ;@make_snapshot to end layer gcode and it made one snapshot for every occurence.
    Have you verified that it was added for every layer to gcode?

    Selecting Every 1 layer would do the same as manually adding the command for every layer.
    There is no need to add G4 Pxxx especially if you enforce position. There are options for these 2 delays in the configuration. They only make sense anyway if you rund M400 before so all moves are finished!

    In the video you can see the number of images made and that should match the number of commands. Did for me which is why I ask if the number in gcode is ok.

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