Object not adhering to the printer table

Hello all

I upgraded my XYZ da vinci 2 duo to repetier host after about 6 months of using it with the stock firmware.

The printer was printing OK before but I wanted the repetier features like using PLA or not having to reset cartridges.

Now, after leveling the table when I try to print with ABS or PLA, the objects don't adhere to the table.

Temp is correct

I am using repetier host for windows version 1.5.4 with slic3r 1.2.9

I saw a youtube video where I can configure slic3r to use a Z offset to force the extruder to be closer to the table but on my computer that option is gone.

It was supposed to be under the printer settings tab in slic3r  but it is not there

Then I installed repetier host for mac but it seems to be an older version 0.56 without many features like manual control

And I am using repetier server with a raspberry pi 2


I just need to lower the extruder because now it it starting in mid air and that is the reason it is not adhering to the bed.


Rod Magnus


  • If it always stops too low, you need to lower your z min endstop or increase z length if you have z max endstop. Then you automatically start lower. 

    Main problem is you can not go below printer z=0. There are 2 possible tricks.
    1. While printing use babysteps to reduce z position
    2. In gcode search homeg G28 and do liek this
    G1 Z0.3
    G92 Z0.4 ; makes z go 0.1 lower on first z move

    2. has it's limit depending on first layer height. Typical trick for first layer in slic3r to stick better is

    - use 0.3mm first layer height
    - 200% extrusion width
  • Thank you very much!  I will try this!
  • Problem solved!  at least with ABS..

    I changed the height of the first layer to .4 mm and I have been printing perfectly so far.

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