How do I Z-Hop on Photo?

I know I asked this before, but I can't find the resource.

I want to Z-Hop when it pauses for a Photo...
I have the X & Y dialed in, but am still having issues with it knocking things over as it moves for the Photo.
I don't use hardware retraction, so I need to put something in the G-code for "before photo" and "After Photo."

I know I can do a G1 Z(something) but I need to know where I am...
Can I switch to Relative, move up 2mm, move to the Photo location,, take the photo, move BACK, move down 2mm, switch back to whatever mode it was in... and then continue.
THAT level of Gcode is beyond me... how do I save things so that it goes back to what it was doing, in what ever mode it was in, so I can go back to it?

I can run an object without Timelapse, and it runs fine.  Turn on the timelapse and run the SAME object, and there is a HIGH chance it will be knocked over.


  • Settings from Printer Settings->Tools->General Extruder Parameter are used for this. There are also parameter for Y Lift which is what you are looking for.
  • Set Z lift to 1 for 1mm lift and set speed and distances for retract as you want them on pause for photo.
  • Sorry for the long delay, got everything working without TimeLapse...  Now I am trying to get timelapse working with tall skiney models.

    (I am up to 3 printers, all different, running of Repetier.  The NEWEST YawCam doesn't mind 3+ cameras.  But with 3 cheep Hobby printers I am always fixing something.  Then Windows will do a reboot and mess up everything)

    What I -WANT- to do is when the snapshot is triggered, LIFT Z, move to camera position, snapshot, Move back, lower Z.

    I tried using @moveRel Z1 and @moveRel Z-1 but it lowered immediatly after the snapshot before the move back which has a high likelyhood of catching tall skiney models and tipping them.

    I tried using Z-Lift of 1mm in Tools/general extruder Par.  and it didn't seem to do anything

    I like the idea of moveRel, but I am missing something...

    Help !
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