Using Repetier Server with a Bambu Lab printer


I am considering getting a Bambu Lab P1P and was wondering if it can be hooked to a Repetier Server instance.
As a long time user of this solution, this would be very helpful for my management.

Thank you


  • I don't see which firmware they are using. Any idea what they use? It works if it uses a firmware that is at least compatible to one of our supported firmwares and has a usb connection.
  • They're using a custom firmware with documentation and the only connection is via wifi.
    So maybe it could be possible to send jobs via SFTP, the main controls seems running over MQTT
    Some information are available from
  • The server needs to know what is being done and to modify lines send as the come for full functionality. Currently only printers where we control each line are supported. Also mqtt is more to see print status in viewers like homeassistant. So with this solution support is currently not possible.
  • Found a good article, I think you will be interested in looking at it
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