RH 1.5.5 'Stable' version isn't

On my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system, RH 1.5.5 doesn't seem to be very 'stable' ;-).

I can often (but not always) make it crash just by resizing the window
It will sometimes crash when I try to connect or disconnect to/from my PrintrBot printer
It will regularly crash if I just leave it open on my desktop for a few minutes

It won't remember the new window size.  If I resize, then close, then open, RH 1.5.5 goes back to the original size.



  • That does not mean it is not stable. It is on windows. On linux you have mono and a nasty kernel bug making .net software using mono crash. Check the forum mono crash kernel to find the related threads where you see which kernel versions started having the bug. Must be something from 3.13.0_46 or so where it was introduced.
  • Thanks for the info - I'll check out the mono bug posts.

    It's really weird to be hearing that software is more stable on Windows than on Linux! ;-).


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