Random files stuck on "Computing.." for time to print

I'm having a problem where the calculated time to print is stuck at "Computing.." for several files. They print just fine, and during the printing process the ETA does not give an estimated time when it is done either. I have made sure that Server is up to date, I have the host system (Ubuntu 22 LTS) up to date also, and have rebooted the computer entirely. The computer being used as the host is rather robust for only running the server (an i7 with 12GB RAM) so I do not think it is an issue with lack of computing power. I have also tried re-uploading the file to Repetier Server, but even the re-uploaded file is stuck on "computing". It appears to happen with larger or more complex files with multiple parts, and never clears itself, even on files that have been loaded for several months.

Is there a fix for this?


  • Please check first in main menu-> troubleshooting if there are tasks hanging and clear them. As overload protection these are computed one at a time and if one hangs it blocks following renderings.

    Are these already in model list and does it work there? Or how to you start them since there are quite some ways to upload and start a print. Also does it always fail with files that failed? If so, it might trigger a bug preventing the computation and if you provide a sample gcode that always fails I can check it. For testing you can select a virtual printer in ports for printer, so you do not need to physically print them for testing.
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