Tempétature falls

I have a Prusa I3 with Arduino atmega 2560 and ramps 1.4 and a LCD display Reprap discount.
The firmware is Repetier V092/4.
After 5 minits job (several jobs observed) température bed and struder fall down quickly an then
heaters stop.
Beginner i don't see where it may be have a bug?
Help me please.


  • Check lcd display if you see def or dec in temperature fields. If these appear, firmware has disabled them for safety. The log will reveal more informations about the exact reason. If it generally works the timing parameter might just not match your system.
  • One more try.
    Again, after 5 minutes the temperatures drop , at that time I could see in the log:
    Error:printer set into dry mode until restart!
  • An other try.
    Same problem on the LCD display i have in front of bed symbol: dec
    and at the bottom : heater decoupled.

  • Yes, that is what I'm talking about. In the log before the dry run message you should see a more exact description why heater decoupled was triggered. Then you know which parameter to desensibilize.
  • imageHi,
    In last job i have see no more description than :error:printer set into dry mode.
    So i send M502 following by M500 to my machine,then i charge config.h.
    Next job will be ok ,with a better quality.
    Thank you for your aid.
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