Independent dual extruder X offset


on a independent dual extruder printer (Sovol SV04), when setting the X offset for the second extruder to the correct right hand parking position (offset X = 362) then during print, the parts for the second extruder are shown with X362 offset right far out of the printing area.

Setting the extruder's X offset to 0 shows 3D view during printing corretly but causes a headcrash when hitting home button under controls.

Is this a known problem?

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  • The offsets do nothing in server except adjusting view so in your case should be 0. Only very old printers do not handle offsets internally. 362 is also not that offset, it is a parking position for right extruder. It is up to the printer firmware to correctly home and homing x means sending
    G28 X0

    What command do you need to home right extruder correctly? Normally G28 X0 homes the active head to correct side. If it has a own axis (A or U or ...) you might change G28 on the fly depedning on active extruder in gcode replacement tab. It's for modifying commands that need special treats for some reasons. But first I"d check how to move the right extruder. I'd expect you use X to move it and depedning on extruder 0 or 1 active the matching extruder moves.
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