Repetier freezes.

Time for another problem.

Recently, and I have no idea why, whenever I load in a .stl file to Repetier, it just decides to freeze my entire computer. By that I mean, the repetier application gets stuck on the screen, and refuses to let me access other software at all. I can still here music that is playing, and if I have a universal remote connected to the computer, it'll function perfectly nromal, but everything else just doesn't load. I can't even switch desktops, as Repetier won't let me.

Now, this may be an issue on Ubuntu's side, as recently the snap updates to 22.04.2 have been AWFUL. Just recently they pushed out a new os update, which somewhat helped the issue, but after around 30 minutes of working fine, it proceed to break again after loading in a new .stl file.

I did poke around the forums, and while the person was using Windows, they did have a simliar issue. The solution was because the Repetier Serve was breaking and constantly being taken offline, but It still seems to be stable. Anything ideas?


  • Not really. GUI is single threaded so any operation in main thread can block host ui, but it runs in user space and should not be able to influence any other app on linux. So connections coming/going to server might cause short breaks but not when loading stl. Loading stl is a complex operation and blocks until loaded, but loader hasn't change over years so if it suddenly goes bad that makes not much sense to me.

    Maybe run a console window with top such that it stays visible. Then you see how resources are doing. If complete gui freezes it is normally overload du to no ram, no disk or some processes eating all cpu time which you can see in top or htop.
  • Sorry it took me a second to respond. I tried running repetier through terminal, but when the freezes happen, even terminal refuses to respond at all. I can't run any commands in ii, and it's not displaying any error messages at either. I took a risk, and gutted the whole of repetier, then tried re-installing it, issue continues to persists.

    I'm making sure the only things running are Repetier, as well as terminal, but it just keeps locking up. Any other ideas, or should I ask the Ubuntu forums to see if the snap broke something?
  • One more idea - how big is the stl file? Host uses opengl and lots of video memory, so does this happen with all stl files or only big ones that might not fit into video memory. Expended for visualization it can take a lot more memory then the file it self, especially if quality selection is high. Also nowadays it is normally no issue with lots of memory available. But that might actually lock the display - can"t say as it did not happen so far to me.
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