Klipper Filament Sensor


How do you manage klipper filament sensor with repetier-server ? 



  • Good question. There is no official solution due to klipper flexibility. If you enable respond module in klipper

    default_type: echo

    You can send a message that server can capture like:
    RESPOND MSG="outOfFilament"

    So if you watch for the response in server firmwarfe response definition you can add for that rule
    to pause and open filament change.

    You need to modify
    [filament_switch_sensor my_sensor]

    section so 
    pause_on_runout: False # When set to True, a PAUSE will execute immediately after a runout # is detected. Note that if pause_on_runout is False and the # runout_gcode is omitted then runout detection is disabled. Default # is True. runout_gcode: RESPOND MSG="outOfFilament"

    That should close the signal queue from klipper to server so server does handle the stop.

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