Bulk Change Temps/Material in a Project

Right now you can go into a file, show gcode and edit the parameters.

In a project that has quite a few files would it be possible to add a bulk change option for bed and material temp and/or material type?

I'll slice a project in one material and sometimes later on want to print the same project in a different material. Rather than reslicing all of the files again, I can go in and change the bed/nozzle temps in the files of a project. Of course I can change the temp at print time, buut, sometimes I forget.  ;-)

Being able to bulk change a bunch of files at once, or being able to copy the whole project with the option to change material and temps for that project at copy time. And of course the project rename to differentiate the two. 


  • No that is not possible and will not come.

    What you could do is change temps in gcode with computed expression and set them to a permanent variable that you change in a small script when you switch filaments. So it would always use the currently set temperatures and no changes after upload are needed.

    To mak eit easier with slicers you can choose a special value like 99 for extruder and in printer config->replacement replace that exact command from slicer with currrently set filament temperature.

    With our dialog boxes in server commands it is easy to make a wizard to change the predefined temperatures and stope them permantly in perm.xxxx variable. 

    This is also more ellegant then changing all gcodes every time.
  • Ok. For now I can always download all the g-code files from a project, do a search and replace then reupload to a new project.

    Since I'm not really a programmer and not much of a scriptor, I'd have to take the time to figure out and learn your suggested method. Which by reading looks to be a pretty solid method. It'll just take me time to learn.

    Not as young and bright eyed as I used to be.  ;-)
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