Recovery Settings to help recover from Windows Reboots

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I know that Repetier has a "recovery" module, but there isn't much on it...

What are the best setting to help recover from Windows reboots.  
I am -still- having issues with my windows11 machine randomly (or so it seems to me) rebooting.
I turned off updates, checked my drivers and all the rest and am STILL plagued by random reboots which are extremely painful on LONG (multi-day) prints.

The Server is on a UPS. 

Nothing like hearing silence from the print area and coming in to find both machines stopped, still hot, waiting, and the server at the login screen after a reboot.

Suggestions PLEASE!  


  • Windows updates are in deed a problem why I prefer linux for server host. You can configure windows to postpone updates for x days, so if you update from time to time it reduces the number of updates when not wanted. Not sure if this also works with high priority updates. When windows wants to update it forces reboot which can not be prevented.

    As for the recovery module this really depends on printer and firmware configuration. E.g. can you move without homing? Does it home to z max so you can simply home to get position to continue. Temperature is the easy thing as you can tell server to reheat bed so build does not pop off. Extruder is a problem. If power off was long extruder is burned into print and when cold it sticks to it. If it was short you could move extruder to an edge by homing x and y soit does not burn in. Moving z is not a good idea, that gets most likely reset to where you stopped by using G92 ZlastZ so printer things it is where you expect and always moving up might give you double use and you need to undo exactly the distance.
    You might use our server language to home only when extruder temperature is still > 150. Zou might maybe move z up first, home and z down to prevent collision.
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