Server stops working


I have been using
repetier server for a while on a RRaspberry Pi 3B, but I decided to move it to a little more powerful Windows pc to run 8 printers at time.

The problem is that it just stops working. It freezes, and all the machines stops, so the only way to move on is stopping the server and starting it again. Doing it I normally lose all the prints, so is really annoying.

I disabled auto-suspend and there is almost nothing else running on the pc, I checked on task manager and the server is still on the background when this happens. I updated from 1.4.9 to 1.4.10 but the problem persists.

The processor I'm using is an AMD Athlon 3000g, with a 16Gb ram, which I think is more than enough.

I will be so thankful if someone helps me to solve this.


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