Printer hot end not cooling down after print stopped


When I hit the emergency stop looking button on the printer page to stop the print - the machine stops printing but hte bed and hotend stay hot creating a safty hazard of a hotend burried in the print.

How do I make sure the hotend is turned off and the bed is turned off when the print is stoped remotely?


  • On what firmware and connection method does this happen?
    On emergency stop we send M112 and try to reset printer. Any of these would stop heaters, but it will in deed burn a hole even when they are disables since the temperature drops only slowly.

    In connection settings you can select different emergency solutions in case e.g. printer would not reset on dtr toggle or if it is better to wait 1 or 2 seconds with hardware toggle. Especially firmwares with no emergency command support might take long until M112 is processed.

    Emergency stop is for stuff that is critical since something bad is going on already like model moved from bed.
    If you just want to stop a print there is the stop print button and that runs the stop print event script where you can write g-code to define what to do - normally go into one position making access easy and cool down while pause event would maybe just go to side, retract a bit but otherwise stay hot.
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