Connect Prusa XL


I want to connect my Prusa XL to my Repetier server - I know its a new machine but anyone got any ideas ?
I have it connected and basic control does not work but homing does not etc.


  • Actually I can work that out from the GCode I have, the actual printer is working fine as a typical Marlin one, just default homing button does not work etc.
  • In config->G-Codes->Replacements you can replace G-Codes meant to be send. For homing we send
    G28 X0
    G28 Y0
    G28 Z0

    As a rule write
    When you mean the exact string should match it. As replacement send whatever it needs as homing.
    BTW - what does it need to home?

    Also as I read it uses Buddy Firmware which is more or less the same as in Prusa Mini, also the mini can home with the commands. But what it needs is having Ping-Pong enabled or it will choke on parallel commands at some point and execute a command send x commands before. Maybe that is also needed here.
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