Display always on - how to turn off

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I have the Longer LK5 Pro on the repeater server. 

Basically I switch off the power for the device via a WLAN socket. But via the USB connection the display is supplied with power. But this is not needed when printing or when the printer is not printing. 

How can I tell the repeater server to turn off the display?



  • You mean lcd from printer? We have no special control over it. For most boards this happens when powered vie usb. Many boards have a jumper to prevent powering via usb, so it would only run with main power. In that case also the lcd would than darken without main power. Plus it reduces power consumption and power issues on pi, so that is the best way.

    There is an alternative solution to tape the 5v line on the usb cable. See
    at the bottom. If you have the jumper I'd go with that solution.
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